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Is Digital Marketing Suitable For All Businesses?

With the evolution of the digital marketing sphere, today, every business demands an online presence. The market has grown to such a level that customers do not consider you if you do not have an online presence. Now arises the million-dollar question - most of you are in a dilemma about whether the digital marketing arena is suitable for all businesses.

It will surprise you to learn that digital marketing is accessible to everyone. Irrespective of the type and size of your business, the SEO company in India can create digital marketing strategies for all. To understand if digital marketing works for every business, it is necessary to first learn about digital marketing for B2B or B2C.

B2B/B2C digital marketing

If your company is B2B (business-to-business), then these are the digital marketing objectives for you company.

  • Online lead generation
  • Pushing customers to speak to the salesperson and then get persuaded

The following is what your digital marketing campaign should accomplish if you are a B2C, or business-to–consumer company.

  • Attract visitors to your website
  • Without the involvement of salespersons, users can be converted into customers.

Notice: Hire a web design company. They will design it visually but also make it SEO-friendly.

The reasons to use digital marketing

Now that you know how you have to design the digital marketing campaign of your business, it is time to make you aware of why digital marketing is so much in need nowadays, as suggested by many digital marketing agency in Delhi .

  1. Low cost

The traditional marketing methods of print media and electronic are more expensive that digital media. The ROI measurement in traditional media can be difficult. On the other hand, digital marketing analyses the approaches made to function for the campaign beforehand to check their efficiency. The channels for digital marketing are therefore less expensive than traditional media.

  1. Competitive small business

Digital marketing is a common tool that allows businesses of all sizes to communicate with one another. This is because most companies use the same resources to build a digital marketing plan, regardless of how large they are. It is clear that the most prominent companies will spend more on their digital marketing strategy than those with a smaller budget.

  1. Measures the results of ROI

It is important to ask the question, "What results will my digital marketing campaign bring?" When working with ROI. Most of the marketing teams use the single attribution method to measure this. Traditional marketing makes it difficult to calculate the ROI. Everything must be done manually, and it takes a lot.

  1. Mobile marketing Increased customer engagement

Nearly half of smartphone users now prefer to look at their phones for product reviews or customer testimonials. Moreover, 90% of the time, people spend using their smartphones. If you create a mobile-friendly website, you will see more visitors than you expected.

  1. More personalized attention to customers

Customers want brands to attend them. Digital marketing is not about one-size-fits all. Companies must segment customers to find out what their customers prefer and be available to assist them. Trust and loyalty are built by providing a great customer experience.

  1. Social media can be used to reach

Digital marketing allows for you to reach as many people as possible in the most efficient way. Be it via Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, or LinkedIn, people, prefer checking out posts uploaded by brands on these platforms and try to connect with them.


You must be digitally present if you want to survive on the market. Catch hold of a reliable digital marketer, and your job will be done.

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