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Small business owners benefit from strong accounting software - Financial Post

Quickbooks has consistently been rated as one of the top programs available

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Jul 20, 2021 * July 20, 2021 * 2 minute read

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Luca Pacioli was an Italian mathematician in the late 15th century and the first person to publish a work on the double-entry system of bookkeeping. He is commonly known as the Father in Accounting. He revolutionized the way businesses manage their operations and facilitated increased efficiency, profitability, and productivity. Although the core concepts of double-entry have remained relatively unchanged for over 500 centuries, there is now software to help us do much of it. Quickbooks is our software.

To ensure accurate financial transactions, the ledgers used to be kept manually. Each number was painstakingly entered as a debit in one account and a credit another. Then came technology, and as technology is designed to do, it simplified the accounting process. A single entry could automatically allocate the bills. to the correct account, and neatly balance in the end. Of course, accuracy still depends on the user.

Knowing accounting principles and bookkeeping will give you an advantage when it comes time to complete your financial paperwork. But even people who don't have much accounting knowledge can still benefit greatly from Quickbooks. Quickbooks, which is made by Intuit was recently named the best B2B Brand in Canada by 2021 Report on Business. Quickbooks has been consistently recognized as one of top accounting software packages. Easy to learn and understand, it offers a plethora of features including payroll, job costing, tax tracking and inventory. Apart from basic profit and loss statements and balance sheet, it also generates cash flow statements and accounts payable and receivable age reports. Additionally, you can view sales reports by customer, rep, budget overviews and more. It will give you a clear picture of the financial position of your company at any given time.

This Quickbooks Pro Desktop Certification Bundle will help you to do all that is listed above. Robert Steele, an accountant and business instructor as well as a practicing CPA, will take you through eight courses. Some of these will focus on specific modules like tax and payroll. Others will include the QuickBooks Pro Desktop 2020 Masterclass which will cover more information.

This course, which is valued at more than $2,000, is being offered now for just $31.99. You will receive lifetime access to almost 900 lessons and a wealth of knowledge that is going to help you run your business more easily.

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