Jan 5, 2023 Business — Eric Giguere

What Are Some of the Best Software Investments for My Business?

Many different types of business software may be precious, depending on the type of business you are starting. It is important to research the different software options when preparing your business plan. Your software options, costs, advantages, and disadvantages should all be explored with the business plan. Then, provide details in the business plan of the option you feel is the best, along with costs associated with that option.

Point of Sale Software

Point of sale software (POS) will integrate with your POS system. It will record sales, track inventory and generate sales reports right from the cash register. The system could include a computer and monitor, cash drawer printer, receipt printer, customer display screen, barcode scanner and credit card machine. A full setup may not necessarily be necessary for small businesses.

A small retail business might not require a scanner, customer display, or both. When you work with companies like Retail Plus Point of Sale inc., you can get the equipment you need with a free POS software download and help from their sales team to know exactly what you need and how to use it.

Software for Call Centers

Outbound call center software is a great option if you run a business that depends on talking to potential customers and customers. Call center software can record and track calls to ensure quality assurance. It can also autogenerate calls using a list. Calls are answered automatically and directed to the next available caller.

This software is perfect to use for telemarketing or customer service lines. Anytime you need to expand your business to a call center setting, you need to make sure you have the best software in place to run efficiently while offering the highest quality customer service.


Quickbooks is the industry standard for bookkeeping software. Quickbooks is very easy to use and can be taught to you. Or you can have Quickbooks trained professionals manage your books. Quickbooks can manage all income, expenses, and payroll.

Everything can be tracked and categorized. This makes it easy to find all the information that you need when you file taxes. Quickbooks software makes it easy to create an annual budget. You will see a breakdown of every dollar that has been moved into and out of your company.


Tips to manage Business Cash Flow

Hootsuite allows multiple social media platforms to be managed simultaneously. Instead of constantly checking different platforms daily, you can set aside one day per week to manage all of your social media posts across all platforms.

Hootsuite will publish the posts to the selected platform at the specified time and day. Hootsuite can handle all your notifications, instead of receiving notifications from every platform throughout the day. This will make it easy for small business owners to save time and frustration.


Grammarly is an advanced editing program that you can download to your computer. It offers editing services for all your written content including emails. Grammarly costs just a couple hundred dollars a year and is very simple to use. Grammarly does more than just check for spelling errors. It will also provide suggestions for wording based upon the type of writing you have.

You can also set it to personal, academic, or business writing. It will customize its recommendations based primarily on your content. It will make suggestions based on your previous work. You can also add words from your Grammarly dictionary to any work jargon you commonly use in written content.

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