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Why professionals use PU sealant

Its exceptional chemical resistancePU sealantThese products are now very popular in food drinks markets, where they can withstand corrosive chemicals as well as their by-products in huge quantities. This is why floors need to be resistant to acid attack from natural and other acids.

Find out more about Polyurethanes

Polyurethanes are made from a combination of oils and artificial materials. They are durable, abrasion resistant and resistant to oxidation. Because it is still a reaction between solvent and oxygen, the drying process is similar. They are more durable than oil varnishes and shellac varnishes. However, polyurethane lacquer provides a tougher, stronger, as well as waterproofer cover.

Additionally, polyurethane sealer is slow to dry out. There is no layering effect similar to varnish, but the same downsides apply. The first coat will show dirt, which can then form on the surface. It may also have blemishes.

Advantages of Polyurethanes

Also, polyurethanes may be thermo-establishing polymers and are used to finish floorings. Polyurethane has excellent flexibility and is very resistant to impact. They also have UV stability and won't yellowish if exposed to the sun like some epoxies.

When it involves firmness epoxies are much stronger however polyurethane are extra scrape resistance. The self-leveling properties of polyurethanes are not as good as epoxies and they do not bond well to concrete. Polyurethanes are known for having a high VOC level and a strong smell.

Epoxies also tend to be heavier and more dense than PU systems. These are great for taking in impacts and thermal impact. However, epoxies have a lighter alternative and are more space-friendly.

Comparing PU with other substances

While PU may seem like an excellent choice, it is actually not. What they do give in sturdiness, they also lose in flexibility as well as aesthetic appeals. Epoxies can easily be adjusted to suit a variety of environments. Additionally, they are available in a greater range of colours and styles as well as decorative options.

Unless there is a certain challenge or need for a PU, there will more than most likely be an epoxy floor that depends on the job handy, as well as which can do so in brilliant and glossy tones, glimmering light reflective surfaces or multi-toned swirling tones.

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